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Our business is highly dependent on technology and for us to operate efficiently, attaining the right technical support is crucial.

Construction is a fast-paced industry, where decisions are made throughout the day, and we have to respond accordingly.   Our customers expect a level of service from us, therefore we require a quick, efficient and user-friendly ICT service.

We are a successful structural engineering company who pride ourselves on excellence in client service and we have found a partner who shares this ethos.

Code 56 have been significant in supporting our business to develop and succeed. From initial setup they have worked alongside us developing our systems to ensure the smooth running of the business. They are an integral part of our team and are always on hand to quickly resolve issues either remotely or at our offices.

Their monthly ICT support offers a very competitive service as you only pay for what you need.

Code 56 have also interlinked our phone systems with our ICT to provide one number that services both our sites making the client experience efficient.

We have a team who we can trust to advise us on how to keep our company up to date with ICT without wasting money on the wrong product.

Code56 offers us the flexibility to grow our business with the peace of mind and are integral in future proofing our ICT.


Andy Startin


AJS Structural Design Ltd

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