On Demand Support

Monthly contracts don’t suit every business.

At Code56, our team of flexible and approachable IT Specialists are available to provide technical support when you need it most.

This can range from one-off projects such as helping your in-house IT Manager or assisting with an office move or extension, right through to providing computer support for companies with smaller teams in their day-to-day work.

Proactive Packages

As expert IT Specialists we offer the closest thing to an inhouse service without the expense.

Outsourced technical support means you have a regular proactive schedule of maintenance and support.

No complicated contract just a monthly boost that offers your business the consistency and support of a managed IT service.

Regular meetings mean we are always up to speed with what is happening in your business so that everything we do in IT is helping you move in the right direction.

Continuity Cover

Cover to support staff leave for holidays, sickness, parental leave, conferences or training seminars.

Our expert team allows your business to benefit from the same consistent level of IT support when your inhouse team are away. So, your staff benefit from knowing they can come back from their leave refreshed and focused without a backlog of unanswered emails and issues.

We work with you to get to know your business and step in as soon as you need us.

We become part of your team…

We love what we do, and our passion for technology helps us find solutions for your IT challenges and keep your business up and running.

Based in Derby, our expert IT specialists take the time to understand your business and learn your vision, so we can be proactive on your behalf.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

and you become part of ours!

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“The thing I like about Code 56 is: If the problem can’t be fixed there and then, they find a workaround and actually come back later with a proper solution.”

Steve SammansAJS Structural DesignWebsite

“Code 56 have really helped us take a step back and look objectively at our approach to IT.  With their help, support and guidance our confidence in relying on our IT systems has grown incredibly and continues growing every day.”

Lydia RobinsonRobinsons StructuresWebsite

“The team at Code 56 know their subject inside out which allows them to explain technical issues in laymans terms and they are passionate about making their clients life easier through the correct application of IT.

I can’t recommend the team at Code 56 highly enough, they are now my IT Guru’s.”

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