When you are the only local person in your role taking holiday away from the office can be difficult.

Steve Youson is the IT Manager at the Burton based head office for L&R, which supplies wound care and compression equipment to health care settings. When he was due to go on paternity leave following the birth of his first child he wanted to make sure that his role was covered and he could enjoy those special three weeks without worrying about the office.

“I have never taken that kind of time off in one go before and when we do go on holiday I will usually be on the beach checking emails and offering help desk support to the UK staff. As the one point of call if something happens I need to be available so it is very hard to switch off.

“With my paternity leave coming up I wanted to make sure I could take a proper break though and know there was someone there with the knowledge to help and keep things running smoothly.”

That is where Owen, of Code 56, came in. His dedicated team was able to offer onsite support to fill Steve’s role while he was away.

With expert knowledge in everything from maintenance to ongoing support Code 56 offers a service to keep your site working when your inhouse IT team are unavailable.

“It isn’t something I was aware was available before and really felt the benefits of having someone with the knowledge to just get on with the job without an extensive handover.”

With only a few hours to brief Code 56 on the systems as Steve’s wife went in to labour three weeks early the team hit the ground running and were able to offer 2 to 3 days support each week to maintain the UK help desk.

“It is the first time I have felt I could switch off and not worry about what was going on in the office. I knew that with Code 56’s knowledge and experience the site was in safe hands.

“I have already booked them to offer continuity cover for upcoming holidays and I will no longer be on the beach checking emails.”