I had a great opportunity to catch up with Rachel Hayward (from Ask the Chameleon), who appeared in our very first Car Share Podcast.

Since our first Podcast together, Rachel has applied to be part of the Small Business 100, and Ask the Chameleon has been selected!

“My work style is different, and I want to use my Small Business 100 day to shine a light on others that are different as well.”

I was aware that Rachel was applying for something, as she mentioned it at one of the Derby Hub meetings recently (you’ll hear her talk about why she mentioned it in the Podcast), but I wasn’t aware that this was it.  The Small Business 100 is a campaign that runs for the 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday (the first Saturday in December).  Basically, for each of those 100 days, the Small Business 100 campaign shines a light on one of the selected businesses throughout the day through all their media & social media channels.  Small Business Saturday itself is designed to raise awareness of small & local businesses in the run up to Christmas in the UK.

Ask the Chameleon have been selected for the 25th November (which will mean there’s only one month left until Christmas!).

Learning this exciting news, our catch up chat focused on why now was the right time to focus on submitting an award entry for herself and what the plan is now she’s been selected.

It turns out Rachel is looking to increase her tribe, and find more people that do business differently for a Podcast she’ll be releasing as part of the Small Business 100 campaign.  As you’ll hear, Rachel describes herself & her working style as Nomadic, as she’s not tied to a single place or set working hours.  It’s a work style that suits her perfectly, and I found it inspirational to learn more about.

Rachel is keen to find people who are “different”.  They may run their business from the kitchen table, they might work odd hours or late in to the night or around other commitments, or they may even be an employee that treats the business they work for like it was their own (you’ll hear us refer to this as an “intrapreneur” in the Podcast).

I completely understand where Rachel is coming from with this idea.  Like her, I’m keen to “hang out” with people that inspire me; it creates a positive feedback loop where you start to inspire each other and honestly, I love the feeling that comes with those discussions.  It’s exciting seeing people get more and more enthusiastic for something and, for me, it’s a great experience to be a part of that.

If you do things differently, you know someone that does, or you work alongside someone that’s always going the extra mile, I really would encourage you to get in touch (send us an email and we’ll pass your details to Rachel – you won’t be added to any marketing lists or anything like that).

As always, if there is a topic you’d like to hear more about, or you’d like to get involved with our Podcast, please feel free to get in touch!

“I want to grow my tribe & I want to share the exposure with other small businesses that do things differently!”