Bake Sale – £10 Challenge from MS Society Derby


A few weeks ago Ade Litherland gave *me* £10 as part of fundraising for the MS Society Derby & their activity centre.

That’s right a *charity* gave *me* money…and a challenge: “Come back to me with as much as you can make from that initial £10 in 4 weeks”.



With that in mind, we’ve just wrapped up on hosting a Bake Sale at our office to help raise funds for the MS Activity Centre in Derby.

Overall, with a little bit of seed money & some lovely donations from Steve SammansCollette Sammans and Philippa Bowen, we raised just over £215 in total.  

That’s massive and will go a long way to help the MS Activity Centre. All through the power of cakes!

We’ll definitely be doing another one next year 🙂